Where do you stand?

Today, even as we see a proliferation of individualized media, the ability to define your message is even more important.

We offer end-to-end creative and marketing services, working with a talented and trusted cohort of photographers, designers, and printers to develop, then concretize your vision to grow your audience and or numbers (of customers, students, supporters, etc.)

find create joy (fcj) is particularly excited to partner with socio- enviro- conscious, faith-rooted, educational and or small businesses wanting to innovate their messaging. 

To make your mark in a positive direction and scale your communications and marketing strategies, contact us.

fcj is a boutique creative services business that I began as an idea some years ago, while I transitioned from a career in broadcast TV, radio, print and online news to advocacy.

I was seeing a largely consolidated media landscape and the voices being lost inside of it, and I wanted to do something about it, to express, for example, the beauty and struggles within Christianity, or amongst people of color, or larger lessons about class and culture-- in everyday life that I felt were being sidelined to make way for the endless parade of sensationalism on our screens and airwaves.

fcj draws from all of what I’ve learned as a multimedia creative, even as we also reach to create independent content (like what you see on the homepage) ourselves.

Logan is the founder of find create joy, drawing from 20+ years expertise in mainstream and independent TV, radio, print, online, journalism; proven leadership coach & media strategist; multicultural and multilingual. Visit LinkedIn to learn more.

Logan Nakyanzi Pollard

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