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Logan Nakyanzi Pollard

a multimedia artist. She has exhibited her work in two NYC group shows. View selected works @ her online gallery based in Berlin.

a writer. A polyglot with a background in broadcast news & journalism, she specializes in culture, faith matters, and politics.

a leadership coach and strategist guided by Christian faith, she works with people and organizations to realize their hidden potential, including 10 years experience in the nonprofit sector, serving on the board of an NGO working to eliminate guinea worm and obstetric fistula in Africa.


A featured writer with The Huffington Post  for a decade, her work is cited in The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging (Simon & Schuster) and often drew upon her background being raised by an African immigrant scientist and an Irish-American deacon, both of whom shared the same Episcopalian faith— as well as her adventures in the world of broadcast news. Her criticism, commentary and reporting is also published at ABC News, The Guardian, and other digital media. Pollard cut her teeth at ABC News’ World News Tonight, and was part of the team of producers awarded (5) Emmys for breaking news coverage.

She has led the production of shows helmed by a number of leading progressive political pundits, including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Ron Reagan, Rachel Maddow, Cenk Uygur, comic Janeane Garofalo, and Grammy-winning musician, Steve Earle. She’s commissioned stories, guided reporters and edited news for NPR, and managed production processes at various outlets, including Al Jazeera television, where she shaped nightly news production and launched a magazine show. At Al Gore’s Current TV, she worked as a senior producer and on-air contributor, at P. Diddy’s Revolt TV, she helped launch a news department, and at Hayden Studios— co-managed the business and operations side of a multi-studio film, commercial, and HD television production complex in Los Angeles and was the on-air reporter covering California for Public News Service.

And most recently, she served as Associate Dean of Auburn Seminary, overseeing its education programs in collaboration with the Dean and Executive team and leading the production arm of the institution. (View some of the films she made there on the filmmaking page.)

She graduated with honors from Amherst College, and is married to her college sweetheart.